Registration of (NGO) in Zimbabwe is done in three different legal ways which are, a Trust, Private Voluntary Organization or a Universitas

Trust registration in Zimbabwe

Registration of  non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Zimbabwe is done in three different legal ways which are, a Trust, Private Voluntary Organization or a Universitas.

Trusts and Foundations provide useful means by which to protect your assets and your loved ones, both now and in the future. When deciding which one to pursue, it comes down to what the Trust or Foundation is to be used for and what assets it will hold. The key is that both Foundations and Trusts are extremely useful structures in the context of wealth and succession planning and philanthropy.

We have many years of experience delivering proactive, professional guidance on the setting up and running of Trusts and Foundations. Our specialist team of experts will deal with matters pragmatically and sensitively, taking the time to meet with clients and discuss their objectives in detail to provide solutions that are uniquely tailored to individual needs.

NGO registration as a trust.

An NGO can be registered as a trust by the registrar of deeds under the Deeds Registries Act. A Trusts can have unlimited objectives intended to benefit a certain community. Trusts can be registered for charitable/ private purpose, so the Trust Deed ought to show that the Trust has been established for charitable purposes.

NGO registration as a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO).

An NGO can be registered as a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) Act through the Department of Social Welfare that falls under the Ministry of Labor and Social Services. Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs) are organizations of persons which should consist of one or more of these objectives:

  • to avert destitution or social distress to people or families,
  • to provide donations to people or families in distress,
  • to provide either or all material, mental, physical or social needs of persons or families,
  • to provide funds for legal aid,
  • to encourage activities that are aimed at uplifting standards of living of families and persons, provide assistance or
  • to avert animal rough treatment or to promote animal welfare,
  • or basically to collect contributions that contribute to any of the listed or prescribed objectives

NGO registration as a UNIVERSITAS

Universitas are organizations that have common-law qualities but are not regulated by any enacted laws. They are known as entities with common-law qualities that have a constitution and members that have agreed to attain a common purpose that is entirely for the benefits of its members.

For this choice there is no regulation by any law. In theory, all that is really needed is that an establishment or organization has a constitution and members that agree on achieving a common purpose with regards to benefitting its members. This is very easy and straightforward, but, very few non-profits or foundations use this option.

Usually church related NGOs are not officially registered and use this and operate under this option. It is lawfully acceptable in Zimbabwe

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